Calls for a No Fault Divorce

On 13 October 2015 there will be debate in the House of Commons for a no fault divorce or dissolution to be legislated upon.

Current legislation does not allow a divorce or dissolution to proceed on this basis. The only facts that can be relied upon relate to a separation of 5 years, a separation of […]

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Jeanette Birch joins Resolution National Children’s Committee

Jeanette Birch has been accepted as a member of the National Children’s Committee of Resolution, the main organisation for family lawyers in the UK.

Meeting in London on a regular basis the Children’s Committee work on the following issues
• To formulate and implement strategy and policy relating to the practice of children law
• Campaign on issues […]

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Financial Orders After Divorce

It has been hard to avoid the news in the last week of the recent case where an ex-wife has made a financial claim against her husband that she divorced some 20+ years ago. The Supreme Court has decided that she should be permitted to pursue a financial claim after such a long time as […]

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What is Matrimonial Property?

Mr Justice Mostyn who is the lead Judge in the area of matrimonial finances delivered a judgment on the 12th February 2015 setting out what is matrimonial property and what isn’t. He gave a helpful review of the current law whilst also making it clear that each case turns upon its own facts and merits.
He […]

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The Common Law Spouse – The Great Urban Myth

A belief in this myth of a common law spouse remains a problem. Whether with a heterosexual couple or a same sex couple THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A COMMON LAW SPOUSE! Living together on its own confers no property rights.

Many individuals still believe in this myth to their detriment. Many people have a […]

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